Roundtable and public discussion: Critical Gender and Diversity Knowledge


The conference roundtable discussion brings scholars from different geographical and disciplinary contexts into dialogue with each other. We focus on current debates and discuss the question, how academic critical knowledge about gender, inequality and diversity can be fostered and transferred into society. 

All three experts have contributed seminal knowledge building on gender and diversity:

Hoda Elsadda is both a well known literary scholar and an activist for women’s rights in the Arab world. Gabriele Griffin has contributed fundamentally to gender mainstreaming in academia – not only in the UK and in Sweden, but also in European research programs. 

Helma Lutz has significantly promoted the concept of intersectionality in the German-speaking context, pointing to the need for developing research on inequalities beyond the category of gender.  During the roundtable, the speakers will reflect on their academic and activist experiences and discuss best practices of knowledge transfer and enhancement of academic impact regarding pressing societal questions around gender and diversity. 

Prof. Dr. Hoda Elsadda (Cairo University)
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Griffin (Uppsala University)
Prof. Dr. Helma Lutz (Goethe University, Frankfurt a. M.)
Moderation: PD Dr. Christa Binswanger