Design Thinking, UX, SCRUM & Co: How inclusive are methods of knowledge sharing in innovation? (1.1)

Panel Report

Evidence has shown that diverse teams (e.g. with respect to gender, ethnicity, professional background) do often show higher degrees of creativity and often find more innovative solutions to problems. However, structural forms discrimination (e.g. legal or economic inequalities) and psychological/cultural mechanisms (e.g. diversity-blindness or unconscious biases) often can limit the benefits of diversity for knowledge sharing in research and innovation.

In this panel we discuss challenges and possibilities of human-centered methods and agile forms of organization such as Design Thinking, UX or SCRUM as new methods for knowledge sharing and creation in innovation. Doing so, we will ask for the meaning of these methods for diversity and inclusion – and vice versa. Specifically, researchers and practitioners in the field of knowledge sharing and human-centered innovation will discuss the following questions:

  • How can scientific research and innovation profit from diversity and open participation?
  • With which challenges of knowledge sharing are research and innovation teams confronted today? Why does it seem important to take diversity and inclusion into account at this place?
  • How can human-centered methods and agile forms of work organization such as Design Thinking, UX or SCRUM help to unlock the innovative potential of diversity for research and innovation?
  • How can scientists, professionals, or organizations construct innovation processes and knowledge-sharing structures in an inclusive way with regard to various diversity aspects?

After a moderated interview session, the participants will have opportunity to discuss with the panel guests in separate breakout rooms. The panel is closed by a brief presentation of the newly created Tool Kit: Women & Diversity in Innovation by the moderating team.

Panel guests
Luise Arn, Innovator Fellow, ETH Library Lab, PHD candidate Computer Science, University of Zurich
Dr. Alan Cabello, Program Lead – Founder, Spark Labs at ETH Zurich
Robert Fritze, Head Design, Principal, ti&m AG, Zürich
Dr. Barbara La Cara, Project Manager ETH Talent & Social innovation expert Student Project House, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig, FHNW School of Applied Psychology
MSc Debora Mittner, FHNW School of Applied Psychology

Language: English
Thematic Field: Methods of knowledge sharing